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ANEP: The link between the world of telecoms and that of the lift

ANEP sas, a subsidiary of the MERHAIV ASSOCIÉS group, has been at the origin of remote monitoring of lifts in France since 1979.

ANEP telesurveillance team
– many social landlords (OPHLM)
– prestigious sites in the tertiary sector (Hospitals, Hotels, Offices).

ANEP is a major player in elevator remote alarms, which is growing rapidly.
Our customers, large companies and SME lifts, cover almost the entire market.

Over the past 42 years, our innovations have improved the daily lives of our customers, making ANEP a reference brand, recognized for the quality of its products and services.

ANEP has 7 installation teams working in Ile de France (ABRM), in the North/Belgium, in Rhône Alpes, Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon, Brittany/Pays de la Loire, Normandy. This allows us to offer our customers turnkey offers (equipment and installation).

The ANEP BOX range of remote alarm and remote monitoring products (TA, TA+, TX, TX+) has contributed since its launch in 2009 to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

In 2015, ANEP launched its range of ANEP ACCESS accessibility products (button box, displays, voice synthesis, etc.), offering its elevator customers a complete EN 81-28 and EN 81-70 solution.

GSM migration and digital migration for smart building

The announcement of the scheduled end of analog lines (PSTN) led ANEP in 2010 to design substitute products for its customers. Our GSM gateways – PGU then P4GU – have established themselves as the reliable, simple to implement and economically efficient alternative.

The foreseeable end of 2G and 3G mobile networks makes mobile migration to the latest generation digital networks essential. ANEP offers a cutting-edge solution, with the first 4G VoLTE certification on the French network of our P4GU VoLTE gateway, awarded by Bouygues Télécoms in 2021. It is therefore the only digital gateway to ensure the durability of your remote alarms and reading equipment beyond 5 to 7 years, when the 2G and 3G networks go out. All without changing the existing equipment, which represents a substantial saving and an installation time divided by 4. Bouygues Télécoms via its subsidiary Objenious is the first major telecom operator to widely distribute our P4GU VoLTE Gateway.

In addition to the transmission of information via digital networks, securing it is a major issue.

ANEP has developed the ALIM TMS II IP, capable of backing up and permanently monitoring the battery status of a router on a fiber network. Proximus is the first major Belgian operator to distribute our food.


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