Elevator – goods lift – car lift – platform.


Ref.ANEP: A-AA-018

• Triphonie remote alarm

• Yellow / Green LED control (Standard EN 81-28 & 81 -70)
• Built-in auditory loop amplifier (BIM) (EN 81-28 & 81-70 standard)
• Technician arrival acknowledgment for end of cabin user alarm
• Standard cycle test (1 to 3 days)
• Control and test of equipment by ANEP Voice Server (SVA)
• Control and automatic adjustment of gains
• Control of parameters and programming during the periodic call
• ANEP BOX for a public network telephone line
• Built-in emergency siren (active on absence of line or no response from the call center)
• Cabin light control
• Technician arrival and departure control
• Lift operation control (Remote monitoring)
• Counter statistics
• Local or remote programming
Synthetic voice for:
– Floor statements (local or remote configuration)
– Statements opening/closing doors
– Cabin user alarm
– Technician presence message (arrival/departure)
– Technician presence information for users
– Information Cabin user alarm in progress
– Device identification (emergency mode)