Elevator – goods lift – car lift – platform with CANopen lift maneuvers

The CAN BUS system allows the various equipment in a lift to communicate with each other thanks to the CANOPEN lift protocol, while limiting connectivity


• Complies with European standards EN81-20 EN81-28* (from 2003 and 2018) and EN81-7
• Integrated or remote voice modules
• Three-way function by adding the BOX-SC or BOX-C module
• Discrimination of user alarm in cabin
• Blocked person alarm acknowledgment
• 1 technician alarm button on the box
• Fixing on cabin roof
• 24V from the CAN BUS of the maneuver for the magnetic loop and the green lights
and yellow.
• The connection with the RCAN-4G router allows the sending of voice and data calls
• Automatic answer
• Adjustment of volumes and acoustics (locally or remotely)
• Call Location Recognition

• Sending the identification of the place of call to the call center or ANEPCenter® or the website
• All alarms, cyclic calls and remote monitoring data are
uploaded to your ANEPanywhere account.
• 12-key programming keyboard
• 1 input from the cabin alarm button (NO or NC)
• 1 button integrating three functions: blocked person alarm acknowledgment,
technician arrival and departure and test call to the ANEP Voice Server (SVA)
• 3 telephone number memories
• Automatic redial of the second number in the event of occupation or no answer
• Memories on EEprom without battery or maintenance
• Cyclic test (1, 2 or 3 days)
• Remote programming possible on ANEPCenter®,ANEPMobile® or


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