Elevator – Goods lift – Car lift – Platform.

BOX ALTO Autonomous module for voice announcements for the floors, door movements and the future direction of movement of the elevator


Ref.ANEP: I-CA-001

3 cabin position management modes (type of inputs / sensors).
– Magnetic sensor mode ( NO or NC ).
– Dual beam optical sensor mode.
– GRAY code mode (Information from the maneuver).

  • 2 inputs for analysis of dual-beam magnetic or optical sensors,
    for car position management.
    • 2 x 2 inputs for managing the opening/closing of cabin doors.
    • 2 inputs for managing the future direction of travel.
    • 5 “GRAY code” inputs.
    • RS485 link for management of LCD displays (floor display).
    • USB link for connection with a computer (PC-ALTO software).
    • Programming of specific announcements, words and phrases via the PC-ALTO software.
    • Memory area on “micro SD” card reserved for the announcement of specific messages.

• Recording capacity: 2 minutes (Internal memory).
• Adjusting the volume of statements (Day mode and Night mode).
• Statements of 40 levels (32 levels in GRAY Code Mode).
• Internal clock for broadcast schedules.
• ALTO clock backup battery (8 years in standby mode).
• LF audio input with level adjustment for elevator car sound system
(Example: background music through the ALTO).
• External loudspeaker output (Dual access).
• Power supply: 12 to 24 Volts.
• Consumption: 1 watt in standby, 1.5 watt in operation.